Shallow Refrigerator - Haier Mini Fridge - Freezer Door Won T Stay Shut

Shallow Refrigerator

shallow refrigerator

  • An appliance or compartment that is artificially kept cool and used to store food and drink. Modern refrigerators generally make use of the cooling effect produced when a volatile liquid is forced to evaporate in a sealed system in which it can be condensed back to liquid outside the refrigerator

  • white goods in which food can be stored at low temperatures

  • Refrigerator was an Appendix Quarter horse racehorse who won the Champions of Champions race three times. He was a 1988 bay gelding sired by Rare Jet and out of Native Parr. Rare Jet was a grandson of Easy Jet and also a double descendant of both Depth Charge (TB) and Three Bars (TB).

  • A refrigerator is a cooling apparatus. The common household appliance (often called a "fridge" for short) comprises a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump—chemical or mechanical means—to transfer heat from it to the external environment (i.e.

  • Of little depth

  • Situated at no great depth

  • lacking physical depth; having little spatial extension downward or inward from an outer surface or backward or outward from a center; "shallow water"; "a shallow dish"; "a shallow cut"; "a shallow closet"; "established a shallow beachhead"; "hit the ball to shallow left field"

  • make shallow; "The silt shallowed the canal"

  • Varying only slightly from a specified or understood line or direction, esp. the horizontal

  • shoal: a stretch of shallow water

shallow refrigerator - Pioneer TS-SW3001S4

Pioneer TS-SW3001S4 12-Inch Shallow Step Up S4 Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-SW3001S4 12-Inch Shallow Step Up S4 Subwoofer

12-Inch Shallow Step Up S4 Subwoofer

~This 12-inch shallow subwoofer handles 1500 watts max., 400 watts nominal power, and delivers deep bass with top-notch sound quality thanks to features like Pioneer's extremely strong and lightweight Interlaced Basalt/Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone.
Pioneer's Shallow Series Subs
Lean and Mean
The Pioneer Shallow Series subwoofer derives its big bass sound from its innovative design. Although only 3-1/4 inches thick, the Shallow Series uses state-of-the-art, patented air suspension technology to create a tight spring of pressure that delivers a wide-ranging bass response. The result is a radically thin subwoofer that fits a variety of enclosures and gives your system accurate, powerful, and satisfying bass.
Known as the "flat" subwoofer, the ib-FLAT name is derived from the speaker's two most outstanding characteristics. The "i" stands for intelligent design and describes the cutting-edge air-suspension technology that gives the speaker its remarkable size and strength. "b FLAT" refers to its ability to accurately and easily play 29.135 Hertz, the sound of the lowest black key on the piano and one of the most difficult to reproduce. Musical and robust, the ib-FLAT boasts an amazing range, enabling you to hear each performance on a grand scale.
Install Anywhere
The sleek design and compact size of Pioneer Shallow Series subs enables you to perform great custom installations. The Shallow Series plays perfectly in both tight and hidden spaces, providing you with the same booming bass performance of a regular subwoofer. Whether hidden or seen, the big bass sound of these versatile speakers will definitely get you noticed.

TS-SW3001S4 Features
Interlaced Basalt/Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone
To ensure that you get more natural bass, we've incorporated out new Basalt fiber technology into our shallow subwoofers. The volcanic-rock fibers create a cone that is lightweight, rigid, well damped, stable in temperature extremes, and more . In short, this bass really rocks.
3-Layer Radial Surround
A sub's surround plays a key role in its overall performance. In order for bass response to be clear and tight, the surround has to respond evenly around its entire circumference without flexing or puckering, even at high volume levels. That's why Pioneer created a surround consisting of two layers of urethane, with a layer of interwoven fiber between them. It's strong, stable, and it reduces distortion.
Spring-Compression Binding Posts
Why does Pioneer use Spring-Compression Binding Posts, instead of standard speaker wire terminals? So your speaker wire NEVER shakes loose due to vibration (either from the road or from your music). When you insert the wire, the connector keeps a constant pressure on it. And it won't let go. These binding posts will accept wire as large as 8-gauge.
Add Newly Designed Spoke Grilles
Protect your subwoofer with the UD-G308 grille. This stylish spoke grille is a must add-on when building a system and gives the look of pure professionalism.

This 12-inch shallow subwoofer handles 1500 watts.
Click to enlarge.

TS-SW3001S4 Specs
Woofer Cone Material:Interlaced Basalt/Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone
Surround:3-Layer Fiber Woven Radial Surround with M-shape Cross-section
Voice Coil:Aluminum 6 Layer, Long Voice Coils
Voice Coil Wire:Aluminum
Voice Coil Bobbin:Phenol Resin Coated Glass Cloth
Magnet Construction:Strontium
Basket Design:Cast Aluminum Basket with Fin-Shaped Design
Wire Terminals:Silver Spring Compression Terminal
Watts MAX. Music Power:1500 Watts
Watts Nominal Power Handling:400 Watts
Frequency Response:20 ~~ 230Hz
Ohm Rating:4 ohm
Recommended Enclosure:0.5 ~~ 1.0 Cubic Feet
Dimensions:13" x 3-7/8"
Mounting Depth:3-1/4"
Accessory Grill:UD-G308

Pioneer Car Audio Systems
Pioneer's Mobile Business Group is known for offering the kind of in-car products that make driving more enjoyable by offering high quality audio and video, seamless connectivity and ease-of-use. Its focus is on the development of new digital technologies including audio video, navigation and satellite radio, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and sound competitors.

What's in the Box
Pioneer TS-SW3001S4 Subwoofer, Mounting Screws/Washers, Installation Guide~

75% (8)

Salmon and Beet Salad with Pomegranate Dressing

Salmon and Beet Salad with Pomegranate Dressing


Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes

1 jar (16 ounces) Aunt Nellie’s Whole Pickled Beets
1 pound salmon fillet, skin on, cut into 4 equal pieces
1 package (5.5 ounces or 6 cups) mixed greens, preferably including spinach
? pound green beans, trimmed, cooked crisp-tender
? cup crumbled, cooked bacon
Chopped dill, for garnish (optional)

2 tablespoons reserved liquid from Aunt Nellie’s Whole Pickled Beets
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons unsweetened pomegranate juice
1 tablespoon very finely chopped shallot
1-1/2 teaspoons chopped fresh dill
? teaspoon salt
? teaspoon pepper
? cup olive oil

1. To prepare dressing: Combine 2 tablespoons liquid from jarred beets, balsamic vinegar, pomegranate juice, shallot, dill, salt and pepper in small bowl. Slowly whisk in olive oil.

2. Place salmon pieces in a shallow dish and drizzle with 1/4 cup of the dressing; turn to coat. Cover and marinate in the refrigerator 15 to 30 minutes. Reserve remaining dressing.

3. Drain off and discard remaining liquid from beets; cut beets in half. Combine beets and 2 tablespoons reserved dressing in small bowl and toss to coat; set aside.

4. Preheat oven to 450°F. Place salmon, skin side down, on one half of a rimmed baking sheet (10-1/2 x 15-1/2 x 1-inch) that has been sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. Drizzle salmon with any remaining marinade. Place beets on other half of baking sheet. Roast salmon and beets in oven 8 to 10 minutes, until salmon is cooked through (salmon should flake easily when tested with a fork). Remove and discard skin from salmon; set salmon and beets aside for 5 minutes.*

5. Divide greens among 4 individual plates. Top with equal amounts of green beans and roasted beets. Place one portion salmon on each salad. Sprinkle with bacon, additional dill, if desired, and drizzle each serving with 2 tablespoons reserved dressing.

Makes 4 servings.

*Notes: If desired, salmon and beets can be made up to 1 day ahead, refrigerated and served cold.

All materials courtesy of Aunt Nellie’s® Beets (Seneca Foods Corporation).

Ping Gai Chicken

Ping Gai Chicken


* 4 lb Chicken Thighs boneless; skin on


* 1 bunch Fresh Cilantro
* 6 cloves Garlic
* 1 tbsp Black peppercorns
* 3 tbsp Oyster sauce
* 2 tbsp Soy sauce
* 2 tablespoons Vegetable oil


* 1 cup Water
* 1/2 cups Sugar
* 3 sprigs Fresh Cilantro
* 2 cloves Garlic
* 2 tbsp White Vinegar
* 1 tbsp Lime Juice
* 1 tbsp Thai Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce
* 1 tbsp Thai Fish Sauce


Marinade: Put the washed bunch of cilantro, including stems and roots, into food processor with garlic and peppercorns. Process until finely chopped. Add oyster sauce, soy sauce and oil; process until combined.

Place chicken in shallow glass baking dish. Brush all over with marinade. Cover with plastic wrap. Marinate at least 1 hour or overnight in refrigerator.

Dipping sauce: Combine water and sugar in saucepan. Bring to boil over medium-high heat, stirring until dissolved. Continue cooking 10 minutes or until reduced and syrupy. Cool completely. Add to food processor with cilantro, garlic, vinegar, lime juice, garlic chili pepper sauce and fish sauce. Process until smooth.

Preheat BBQ to medium high. (If broiling, preheat broiler and cook on wire rack set in baking pan or on cookie sheet.)

Place chicken pieces, skin side down, on greased grill. (Place skin side up if broiling.) Close BBQ lid. Cook about 8 minutes or until skin is crispy and chicken is almost cooked through.

Turn chicken. Close lid; cook chicken 6 minutes more or until cooked through. Chop into 1-inch pieces. Serve with dipping sauce.

shallow refrigerator

shallow refrigerator

Brand New Kicker 10cvt12-4 Ohm 800 Watt Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer

BRAND NEW KICKER 10CVT12-4 OHM 800 WATT SHALLOW MOUNT CAR SUBWOOFER Features: Kicker Comp VT 10CVT12 12" shallow mount subwoofer Peak Power: 800 watts RMS Continuous Power: 400 watts Shallow-mount subwoofer with true high-performance New model with new and improved basket structure New model includes a built-in steel plate adapter which allows shallower installations This sub is slim enough to be mounted in virtually any vehicle Delivers extreme bass with minimum depth Four-layer voice coil for max power handling Dark gray modified-spoke cone with bracing for clear bass response Ventless solid-pole design for direct mount to enclosure rear wall Steel "clearance" adapter plate replaces part of enclosure wall depth to further lessen depth Injection molded SoloKon cone Ribbed Santoprene surround High-temp coil wire Slender, strong steel basket with coil-cooling perimeter venting Durable Spiralead tinsel leads Stitched surround for enhanced cone-to-surround strength Tough double-stitched surround Special spring-loaded binding posts for minimizing depth Impedance: Single 4 Ohm Frequency Response (Hz) 25-350 Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 4-3/8, 11.1 Mounting Cutout (IN.,CM) 11, 28.1 Recommended Sealed Box Volume: 1.0 - 4.6 cubic feet Recommended Vented Box Volume: 1.75 - 2.25 cubic feet

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